Green Arrow is rapper in the Justice League VS the Avengers, representing the Justice League. His verse is written by BreZ.

Green Arrow
Character Information
Birth name Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen
Nickname(s) The Emerald Archer, The Battling Bowman, The Ace Archer, The Arrow, The Hood
Physical description
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In The Justice League VS The Avengers
Vs The Avengers
Release Date Soon
Votes on Website N/A
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Lyrics Edit

I am Star City’s star emcee so how about you bow down.

The name may be Queen, but I’m a rap king in this town.

You call yourself earth’s mightiest heroes.

But you were created with an originality level of zero.

The quivering archer in the corner ripped off most of my traits.

Biggest difference I’m rich and he doesn’t shoot straight.

You couldn’t ever beat our wit with rhymes so shitty.

If that is the best you got, I’m sorry but you failed your city.

Trivia Edit